A Time Zone App That Comes In Handy

Time Zone App

There might be several apps out there for measuring weather conditions, but not many that relate to time zone data. For those who wish to know the time in different time zones and other related information, they can find the free Time Zone app to be a reliable software to use.

Indeed, if you are searching for time zone related apps, this is one freeware that comes with good recommendations of most experts in the world of smart phone and mobile apps. This app offers information on time zones as well as works as a world clock time converter. This app is a handy tool for anyone who needs to deal with people across different time zones. Many offices in the US that have different office locations in different time zones such as the eastern time or the central time zone, find it useful to use such an app.

Time Zone App

The app has a minimal and elegant interface with a vivid background color that makes it easy to read the current time. You can set the city whose time you wish to know and the date and time are automatically displayed. The interface is easy to read and simple. You can customize the screen to see some worldwide location, time which is important to you. It is also possible to edit and name, a city or location by something else if you prefer. Hence, if a city is your hometown you could rename it as Mom and Dad or a city where your main office is located could be renamed as Headquarters. That would make the reading of the time in these destinations more personal. There is a Quick Select feature as well, which allows you to check the time and date as per a certain time line in a certain city or region.

Weather Apps That Help You Stay Alert

weather apps

If you are planning to go for summer adventures here are some weather apps that would work well to be by your side, either on your phone or your tablet. However, if you type in “weather app” in the search field of a browser or on your Google Play app, you are bound to be bombarded with choices. If you are at a loss as to which weather app would be right for you, here are some helpful suggestions.

Your need for a weather app can mean different things. If you wish to know when it would rain and whether you should plan a walk with your dog, then a simple weather app might suffice. However, if you wish to plan an adventure trip somewhere, you would be more dependent on weather conditions at that place and the kind of weather you can expect while you are there. This is often a requirement for those who go surfing, bike rides on mountains or wishes to plan hiking trips. When you are selecting from a handful of apps, keep the following points in mind.

Radar imaging is one such feature that you need when accurate forecasts is a must. If you are planning a trip to the mountains where weather conditions change more often, you need radar imaging that keeps you current, up to the next five minutes. There are apps that can help you track a storm and keep you updated with what you can expect the next thirty minutes to an hour.

Some apps focus on local forecasting which is on hyper scales. You could track how the weather will be in the next hour or so, but you need an app that also tracks the bigger picture. Hence, opt for an app that can build on regional and statewide weather conditions as well. A lot of businesses that require good weather in order to be able to work that day rely on weather apps,  a prime example being a roofing company like Surrey Roofing.

Ensure that you have a reliable data connection to back you up. Any weather app works accurately if forecasts and radar images are updated constantly. Hence, if the connection is not good you will not be able to make good use of any weather app.

weather apps

The above points will help you know what to look for when you are looking for a weather app. That said here are some weather apps that have proven their mettle out there.

Weather Underground is a free app that is available for iOS as well as Android devices. The network of weather stations that the app uses is about 200,000 worldwide. Hence, this is an app that will stand by and provide you data like pressure, humidity levels, temperature and rainfall conditions as well as wind direction and speed.

DarkSky is an app that comes for a nominal fee. Data is provided to it by radar stations across the US and NOAA which provides pretty accurate data on local weather conditions.

RainAware is a free app that comes for the different smart phone platforms. It is also focused on providing local and short term forecast on weather conditions.


Time Zones And How They Are Established

Time Zones

Time zones arose as a concept when humans wanted to be able to state the amount of daylight available as per their local weather conditions and timeline. Timelines have been established around the position of the sun in the sky. As per the sun’s position in the sky, whether in the highest point in the sky or at other positions the time of the day was ascertained, whether it is middle of the day or high noon.

Time Zones

The perception of the time of day differs in different parts of the world as the sun appears at the highest point in the sky in a certain time of day in a certain country or in different parts of a continent like the front or center of the US. Time zones were set in order to provide a ready solution to this need.

The prime meridian is the starting point as agreed internationally based around which time zones are fixed. Greenwich Mean Time is what it is referred to, which signifies the universal standard time. It is the point zero base from where all time zones are calculated which are a certain number of hours behind or ahead of this universal time. This is taken as the basic standard and zones are established at fifteen-degree slices around the world accordingly. The use of fifteen degrees is an acceptable medium which was first established in the later part of the 19th century. As per this basis, there are 24 divisions that exist across the world.

The starting point which fixes the order of time zones remains same through the facility that resided at the median or location does not exist anymore. This was the famous Greenwich Observatory, which was moved during the fifties to Sussex in England. However, the original site’s coordinates are considered to be prime meridian for all official and calculation purposes.

Some time zones do shift during autumn or spring time of the year, but the function and process remain the same. Today interaction with distant locations has become more and more common and the time zones become a constant reference factor, whether one is communicating with others for business or for pleasure.

Forecast Weather App For Mac Users

Weather App For Mac

There are different apps available for smart phones and tablets these days and we should not be surprised to find that there are different apps that help forecast the weather with accuracy as well as provide different useful features. One such app is Forecast. This application has a unique way of showing the weather. The interface is a comprehensive one that showcases all necessary information in one place. Hence, with a simple swipe of the hand, you will get to check details about the current day or check details of weather for the following week.

The app has several features to offer. For instance, not only can you check the weather conditions of the local area you are at but also weekly forecasts. There are daily graphs that display temperature details. That helps you to know how warm or cold it would get during the week. If you are in a place where rains, frequent, the daily precipitation graph showcases rains and intensity of showers with relative accuracy. You can get readings in both temperature scales. There are four color schemes to choose from as well. You can look at different locations to know the weather conditions at different places as well as read the speed and wind direction if you wish to know such details. There is support for different languages as well here.

There are several weather apps out there. Indeed, every smart phone, you opt for, no matter what kind of information you seek, there is a basic weather app that is inbuilt or made available for free for the users. However, even in this world of several weather apps, the design of this app is a beautiful one to consider. Hence, many users like to look at the interface of this app and use it. The app works well and showcases the important information without much effort. You can simply swipe to the right to get more details about the daily weather. If you swipe left you will get information on the weekly weather as well. Those who developed the app feel that it makes weather checks easy and intuitive for the users. Being an app that is dependent on reliable sources of weather information, there is a nominal fee to pay for getting this app. The app is basically built for the Mac platform and hence, Apple device users can easily avail of this app to check weather updates on their devices.