We have all studied about GMT, the prime meridian and how the world is divided into time zones based on the prime meridian timeline. The concept of time zones is hard to neglect when the sun rises at different times around the world and so forth. Indeed, the concept of time and the need to determine the same was all related to where the sun is at different times of the day in the sky and when it is about to set.

Today the modern world with fast transportation and technology availability has made it realistic for us to travel or to communicate with people across different timelines. Many corporate and workplaces have locations in different time zones and the need to communicate or travel across these time zones becomes a more frequent need. Hence, people need to be aware of what the time is at the different time zones as well as the weather conditions at a certain place on a certain date and time.

With technology advances it is possible to know, not only the time at a different place down to the seconds but also the weather conditions that one can expect at a certain place if one is planning to travel to such a place on a future date. This blog is about time zones, weather apps and information sharing on related topics. We encourage readers to make use of the information provided on this site as well as share their input as well with us.